What We Do

We provide consultancy, project management, and implementation services across a range of technologies utilised by the IT function in a modern enterprise. With a background in Financial Services IT that encompasses Insurance, Private Banking, Wealth Management, and Investment Banking we are familiar with the issues faced by large enterprise CIOs dealing with demanding businesses and regulators.


Public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, there are a baffling array of cloud architectures and technologies available. Once the domain of the start up, having a cloud strategy is now a requirement for all CIOs, no matter what the size of their business. We can help you navigate the path to implementing the most appropriate cloud strategy, tailored to your business needs and specific application work loads.

Many enterprises are nervous about implementing or utilising cloud technologies due to worries about vendor lock in, uncontrolled costs, security, and regulatory & compliance concerns. We can help design a strategy to mitigate all of these risks using a diverse range of technologies.


We are familiar with a broad range of technologies from a variety of vendors; ranging from the bare metal of network elements and servers through to the middleware and databases that support your business applications. We can provide a range of services tailored to your needs, ranging from small focused deliverables through to assisting with large change programmes such as a new application deployments or major upgrades.

Our preferred program management methodology is Prince 2, though we are happy to work with any existing system you may already be using.

Service and Operations

Business as usual activity is often an overlooked part of the IT service within a large enterprise. We can help you review your current service offerings and IT operations processes to make them more effective and responsive to your changing business needs. We are familiar with the ITIL Framework, but we are not dogmatically bound to it. We realise that it is a tool to be tailored to needs of your IT service and business.